An Open Letter To My Mama On Her Birthday


Many girls openly admit to being “daddy’s little girl.” But me, I am very much a mama’s girl at heart.

To say that the bond between a mother and a daughter is special is an understatement. A mother is a friend, a teacher and a spirit guide. She is the punching bag, the warm blanket, the personal cheerleader and the biggest fan. She is the only person in a girl’s life who understands what it means to be a daughter, a wife, and a professional and most importantly, a woman without even having to explain.

Dear Mama,

First and foremost, Happy Birthday.

There are no words to describe how much I wish I was there to celebrate with you. I hope you have an amazing day, because you deserve it. You give up everything to see your children succeed, even if that means letting us work halfway around the country to pursue our dreams, even if it means you do not get to see us every day with ease.

Words cannot fathom how grateful and proud I am to be called your daughter. I could not thank you enough for showing us what unconditional love is. You always put our happiness before your own. I never thought that unconditional love exists but truly, a mother’s love is a living proof that love has no boundaries. We may not have every luxurious thing in the world but having you is beyond enough for us. Thank you mama for always keeping us happy, safe, protected and nourished. Thank you for your kindness, care and immeasurable patience and for looking out for us even when we didn’t think we needed it and for letting us fall when we had to learn by making our own mistakes. Thank you for the limitless hugs and kisses (God knows how much I miss it). And through it all, thank you for loving us no matter what. I could still remember the days when I was younger; you were one of those mamas who let me do what I wanted, just because you wanted to give me that freedom to express myself and find who I really am as a person but never fail to be there always to give endless wisdom. Thank you for the support I receive from you every single day in everything that I do and I want to do in my life. Thank you for your courage because you showed us that even though you are a single parent you can still take control your own life, raise six children on your own with pure kindness, see the best in people, to be diplomatic in the face of conflict, and not to back down when life gets tough. Instead, go to war and fight. Mama, you are the strongest person I know. You are wise, nurturing, loving, caring, and thoughtful and above all else, you are our biggest cheerleader, for work, for our hobbies, and for everything in between. Thank you for sticking up for us, for encouraging us, for believing in us and for letting us know that you never expected more than the best we could do. Your presence in our lives makes us better. You are a real Super Woman. I have seen you happy. I have seen you cry. I have seen you hurt. I have seen you tired. Mama, I have seen all your sacrifices for us and I would like you to know that you are deeply appreciated. The strongest yet the most loving soul that I have ever known. When I become a mother, I want to be like you— tough but always giving. No matter where my journey takes me, without shame, embarrassment, or fear, I will proudly declare it. And wear that label like the badge of honour. I am proud to be your daughter. And I always was and still am a mama’s girl. I love you with all my heart and I miss you so much. Happy birthday again, Mama ❤

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