Camping at Al Qudra Lake


Tired of hibernating inside your homes and craving for some adventure minutes away from you and enjoy the winter weather of the Emirates. Don’t worry about that as Dubai got it all for you. Al Qudra Lake is a man-made lake in the middle of the Saih Al Saham Desert in Dubai, United Arab Emirates designed in such a way that you can drive around to explore, set up camp, relax, and watch the wildlife that has decided to settle and call the place home. The Lake spread over ten hectares. The amazing Dubai Campsite is only less than an hour drive from anywhere in central Dubai. Just taking the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and exiting southwards to Al Qudra Road which is between Motor City and Arabian Ranches lead you to a straight drive till you reach the last round about by which time you need to go off-road toward the Al Qudra Lake. Don’t worry as there are signs to follow or you can use Waze, as we did. Also, I provided you the location map going to Al Qudra Lake.

We went there Thursday night at 10:00pm then we arrived at 12:00am as we bought some items that we still need. Personally, I prefer coming there at day time, as the off-road going to Al Qudra Lake is dark. Nevertheless it is still fun and you can use a little imagination for a scary movie scene. My friends and me pretended we are in the movie “Wrong Turn” or a “Scary Clown” will appear in the middle of the road. LOL!!! #kababawan

When we got to the location, we decided to drive a bit further down to find a quiet spot in and far from other campers. We found a place near the lake. It is a good spot as many plants surround the area that stands as our fence. We are six in our group, the two immediately started to fire the charcoal and cook, as we are all starving while the four of us left started to assemble the tents and mat where we will be eating and the bonfire for the marshmallow and for warmth.

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Hotdog and Corn for starter

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Campsite is set

Marshmallows for dessert

After eating, we played some music, sit beside the bonfire, had a little drink, and spent the rest of the night story telling and laughing.

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We woke up early at around 7:30am. Two of our friends started cooking for breakfast while we girls and our other guy friend drive to the nearest place where we can use restroom.

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The struggle is real. Looking for restroom hahaha

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Going back to Al Qudra Lake


When we got back, we started to take pictures and explore the place since we didn’t get the chance the night before, as it is dark already.


La lang hahaha


This is the life


Day dreaming lol


Love birds


Love the view


In the middle of nowhere


Marg and me doing the signature pose hahaha

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Stolen shot kuno hahaha


Happy me hahaha


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Appreciating Mother Nature



Too serious hahaha

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After eating breakfast, we started fixing our things inside the car. We left the place before lunch. 


Spicy noodles for the cold weather


No goodbyes just see you next time Al Qudra Lake


On our way home

Al Qudra Lake is a beautiful place, an astonishing place, and a must visit place in Dubai especially if you love the outdoor adventures. Al Qudra Lake is a place to enjoy winter, with family, with friends, or even by yourself. This is my first time to visit Al Qudra Lake but definitely not my last. Till next time ❤

Camping Checklist:

• Tent
• Blankets/Sleeping bags
• Pillows
• Mattress or Padding
Campsite Essentials
• Camp chairs
• Cooking tools
• Roasting sticks
• Paper plates/cups/spoon & fork
• Paper towels
• Lighters or Matches & Gas
• Tin foil/Plastic foil
• Garbage bags
• Knife/Scissors
• Food & Drinks
• Wood for the bonfire (along the way going to Al Qudra Lake there are trucks selling wood for a cheaper price)
First Aid
• Medications (Headache & Tummy ache)
• Bandages
• Sunscreen
• Hand sanitizer
• Soap
• Toothbrush & paste
• Hairbrush
• Small towels
• Toilet paper/Wipes
• Extra shirts, pants, jacket & undergarment
• Slippers
• Lantern/Flashlights
• GPS/Cellphone
• Games (cards)
• Camera
• Power bank

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